How Do You Do Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is offered to employees who strive to better themselves in the business and better the company. It is a reward from travel incentive certificates paid for by the company that covers the cost for the employee, spouse, and family.

Some employers feel that giving their employees a lasting memory is better than a bonus or gift certificate. The more they have a memory of something good done by the company for them, the more they will remember it at work and perform better. The memory will last, and their production will shine for as long as the company shows appreciation.

Implementing an Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel programs can simultaneously increase the employee’s productivity and profits for the company. When the profits rise, and the company wishes to give back, the first person or group of people they should look to is the ones who help the company grow: the employees. Without employees, some companies would not handle the daily tasks and hardships that face the business.

An employee that feels appreciated will do more for the company, so what better way to show the employee the company cares than offer travel incentive certificates? It will become the foundation of gratitude for both parties and increase loyalty and trust that will keep the employee there.

It is essential to realize that only some employees will receive a travel incentive certificate, only the top employee. This process would review each employee’s performance with the company and put them in a top three or four category.

All certificates are all expenses paid for room and travel. The employee would only have to pay for souvenirs and food. In some situations, a fancy restaurant meal or two may get funded, but it is up to the employer. Most people like to take their vacations around the summer, so placing the final results of the contest in that season is feasible. It offers time to spend with the kids when school is out to go to the beaches or anywhere the certificates may take them.

These are the four steps to setting up an incentive travel program for your company:

Step 1: Goal setting:

Come up with an outline of the goals you expect the employees to achieve within a year. Announce to all employees either verbally or over a chain email. It can be a reachable or high quota with the closest employee reaching the goal to get the travel prize.

Step 2: Lay Out Rules and Awards:

Let everyone know the rules for participating in the incentive contest. Everyone should be motivated to reach the top prize. Make it that there is a 3rd or 4th place to make the other people feel appreciated. Be sure to make it known that it is a contest, and everyone is valued, even if they do not make it into the top three or four. Those who win and do not win should not come out disappointed, so everyone must understand what is happening at all times of the contest and know the rules. The goal is to get everyone on the same page to strive for better.

Step 3: Launch the Contest:

Once everyone understands what is happening, launch the contest. A tracking system should be in place to track the workers and their productivity. There should also be weekly or monthly check-ins to reach out to the people to let everyone know who is on top, and the rest, how they are doing. Communication should be transparent to gain the trust of the company. It is an excellent opportunity to coach and motivate the workers to participate and emerge as winners.

Step 4: Reward Day:

Every worker should be recognized who worked hard in participating in the contest. The announcements should be called fourth to first place, keeping first place as the grand prize, the travel incentive certificates. Keep the execution of the process professional and upbeat. Everyone should be happy for the winners and realize they have another year to win. Announce the following year’s award kickoff at that time. Let everyone know there is always a chance to win something through their performance.

Reasons to Take Part in the Travel Incentive

Almost everyone loves a vacation, but few have the funds. There are many reasons to take part in the travel incentive program, even if the worker does not feel like they won at anything. It is a chance to better the company while motivating the employees simultaneously. It is the perfect time to push for excellence to become the company’s top employee.

Having the incentives also changes everyone’s attitude in the workforce. It can create new company values and foster teamwork. All these things can help the company grow, but the true inspiration is bringing the team together and inspiring one another. One person may win the top prize, but the entire company will be a winner because they will push for excellence every year to win first place.

Gaining rewards and recognition is fun and exciting. It makes a person feel like a winner and inspires them to stay on top. As long as it is not in everyone’s face daily, it can motivate everyone involved.

The company’s profits will soar with a team of motivated workers who will push the company forward. It is an excellent investment and can also be used for tax deductions, which every business needs. The additional profits made from the motivated workers will still leave profits left over even after the rewards are handed out to the workers.

It would be a good idea to include separate high-paying clients to get in on a contest for travel incentive certificates. It will give more clients to the company.

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