Travel Incentives & Employee Getaways

Research shows that nothing is as memorable or motivates people as much as travel. Incentives Marketplace specializes in planning and executing memorable corporate and individual travel events.

Hit your goal and earn the custom trip of your dreams – It’s easy! All your people need to do is hit their goals for the year and we’ll help send them packing. If the goals aren’t hit, you don’t spend anything.

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Individual Travel Award

Incentives Marketplace will assign a Travel Concierge to assist with custom booking individual travel award winners. Many times, people from the same company earn at different levels. Each winner can earn a different amount to apply toward booking a “Dream Vacation Experience for Two” for example.

Travel bookings can include; airfare, hotel, resort/lodge, all-inclusive stays, cruise packages, VRBO, golfing, spa treatments, and more. Individual winners will work with our team to decide what their getaway experience will entail. It is a completely custom travel experience that works for them beyond more straightforward sales incentives.

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Group Travel

With over 20 years of experience, our team can help you plan a group travel event for you people. Where you go matters, we have experience booking events all over the world. Details matter, we understand all the moving parts in putting together even small events.

Leverage our experience in putting together an unforgettable experience for your team. Contact us today!

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