Sales Incentives for Employees

Non-cash sales incentives ensure the personal goals of your individual sales reps are in concert with your organization’s aims. Our programs make your goals their targets with rewards for achievement.

Whether it’s a new product launch for sales reps or a cross-sell program for call centers, count on our experience at Incentives Marketplace to create the right sales incentive program to fit your needs.

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Ensure New Products Launch Successfully

Product launches must succeed. But sales teams and channel partners often hesitate to roll out a new offering quickly, waiting to see how other customers react to it first.

Our product launch promotions create a sense of urgency with rewards for early sales. This encourages sales reps to learn about the product and get it to market quickly, generating the fast start your new offering needs to succeed.

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Recognize Top Performers and Move the Middle

Effective sales incentives recognize those critically important top performers while encouraging midlevel reps to become even more productive. This balanced approach retains top sales talent and incrementally improves organizational performance to maximize growth potential.

Incentives Marketplace sales and travel incentives help clients grow sales through top achiever recognition and engaging move-the-middle strategies.

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Pay for Performance Model

Sales incentive programs should drive increment sales gains, not pay for business that was going to happen without a program.

Incentives Marketplace understands this and charges on a pay-for-performance basis. This means that our customers only pay when they hit the sales goals they set for the incentive program.

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